Activities during Lockdown

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about writing that post at all. That’s what took me so long this week actually. We’re going down my rabbit hole because especially in the first weeks the lockdown situation felt a lot like a depressive phase I had some years ago. And trying to find activities while stayingContinue reading “Activities during Lockdown”

To feel and to learn.

Feelings are important to decide quickly. But they’re based on all kind of stuff and sometimes they can trick you to do something which is actually not good for you. Or people around you. Especially when you experience something new, it’s important to learn what your feelings are telling you and most importantly why theyContinue reading “To feel and to learn.”

Learning Italian… importante ma non facile

For my experience abroad I really wanted to learn some Italian before so I would be confident enough to speak. Let’s say I learnt some but I am still pretty afraid to talk. It is actually quite funny that I study adult education and know exactly what is happening and where my obstacles are, butContinue reading “Learning Italian… importante ma non facile”