Travel, Learn, Share, Repeat.

Hello, welcome to my Blog: Travel, Learn, Share, Repeat. I started it while I was doing a exchange semester abroad (there is where the traveling and learning comes in) and wanted to share it, so others will be inspired to do so too. Or be entertained by my stories. Unfortunately during that exchange COVID-19 became pandemic and I had to cancel a lot of my plans. I still want to continue the blog, so I will experiment a bit for a while till traveling is an option again.

There are right now three categories: “Life in Bologna”, “Travel Stories” and “Travellers Kitchen”.

“Life in Bologna” is about my exchange, how I got it, what preparations needed to be done and how it was to live in a different country. Because I am a 33 years old student, which is older than the average student, I especially write about the age-issue and being an exchange student in Italy. I want to encourage others who think that this experience is not for them, because they feel too old, to take the chance and do it.

“Travel Stories” are some stories which happened during my traveling. Surely they are some stories from Bologna too, but also from Spain, Israel, Czech… and wherever the wind blows me next. Because in that stories I was seldom alone but don’t want to humiliate one by mistake, I will alter some facts in that category.

In “Travellers Kitchen” I post food content from the places I travelled to. This can be recipes, this can be more general informations, this can be recommendations… when it is about food, I put it in that category.

Perhaps later I’ll add some other categories, when I am further down the road and have more ideas. For now I’ll update this blog once a week, so keep coming back!

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Not all who wander are lost. (J.R.R. Tolkien)

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