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Since it is my goal to leave Germany again, the last weeks were a lot about making this happen. And it seems that I found a way and will be able to go back to Bologna. How I did so? Follow me into the rabbit hole…

When I came back to Germany due of that pandemic, all I thought about was to get back. And a plan for that was born fast: I need to become a German teacher! In Italy a lot of people liked to talk to me in German and improve their language skills. Which was irritating to be honest, how am I supposed to learn Italian, when they invite me to their German meetups? But I was amazed about the passion they had to learn this language. Also I was reminded of the times when I worked as activity leader for several language schools.

Since I always loved the work with the students and it would allow me to go (nearly?) anywhere I want the idea became more and more attractive. And I figured with COVID-19 (good) online-courses become much more a thing, so even when school closes I might be able to survive. So I started to research how to become an actual teacher. I found a teacher training on one of the schools I worked for and thanks to my unemployment status I was able to get it paid from the Employment Agency. After the summer break the course finally started. It was really intense. I was at the school nearly 60 hours a week because we had a lot to learn and were also teaching every second day. And over the weekends we had to write papers too. But I made it and I made it good. Of course my teaching experience and probably also the experience as activity leader helped me a lot but I also felt as if I’m at the right place. To be honest, I’m not sure if I felt that way before with a different job. I always love to work, especially with other people (even they can be really annoying) and if the task is interesting even more, but with teaching it is slightly different.

So now I’m teaching German next to university. It’s more about getting more experience than earning a lot of money for now but I can imagine myself to do more of that after finishing my thesis. Which brings me to my plans of leaving the country. When I was in Bologna I already reached out to the Goethe Institute there and asked for an internship and since they sounded interested I did the same again some weeks ago. And they’re still interested. I decided I like to go next spring, so I have time to sort and sell my stuff here and find out everything important for going not only the four months for the internship but maybe a year or even longer… and to improve my language skills! I hope COVID-19 or some other problems won’t destroy that plan too, I really like to go back and to get out of here for a while. And with winter coming this wish will be bigger and bigger every day…

Published by katzengedanken

I am a german woman in her 30s, who tried out many things. Right now I am in a phase of change, because my studies come to an end and I am searching a new job opportunity. I have two blogs here, one in english for my travels (Travel Learn Share Repeat) and one in german which I use more like a personal journal and playground. Unfortunately I didn't used the second one often, but I think about changing that.

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