Sustainable traveling

Lately I am thinking a lot about how I or anyone can travel responsible and sustainable. Not only during a pandemic, even that is on my mind a lot, too, but in general. Today I want to share some thoughts with you about that topic.

Back in London!

I was in London three times so far. 2009 alone and often lost in the streets, 2013 with my boyfriend of that time, which was a totally different experience itself, and in 2017, one of my darkest years emotionally. Traveling with partner can be a nice thing, but in retrospect, these travels were never soContinue reading “Back in London!”

Writing during ‘rona times

Soon after I started this blog the first restrictions because of COVID-19 became effective in Emilia-Romagna, the Italian region where I was staying. Since we all hoped it will get better soon I kept on writing for this blog. But since the situation got more serious and the virus has a much bigger impact onContinue reading “Writing during ‘rona times”

It’s not always sunny while traveling alone

Last week I told you about my first London trip. Can’t remember why but I went from London directly to Marseille and spent there some more days. It rained a lot, but I also had some situations there, which actually felt dangerous. If you’re only interested in positive stories you should skip that post. ButContinue reading “It’s not always sunny while traveling alone”